Plaster of Paris - Jewelry Box Tutorial

Material required –
POP (mine was super refined), Water, White glue, Molds, craft foam, Acrylic Colors

Steps –
1. Prepare you mold. I had this embossed aluminum foil so I used it to get the flower design, plain mold can also be used. I didn't had a similar small size box to create the inner section so I used cardboard, smaller box or any available object can be used. 


2. Mixing plaster of paris - Mix 1 cup of water with ¼ cup of white glue. Then add 2 cups of POP in the mixture (add in small portions to avoid lumps). With above ratio, prepare required amount of pop mixture that fills your mold.

3. Slowly pour mixture in the mold. While making boxes, first pour the bottom layer and let it dry for some time, to create the base of box, then put the inner mold and fill the outer sections with POP to create the box edges. For the lid I used a tray as mold.


 Center cardboard piece is just to support.

4. Let it dry for 36 to 48 hrs. I could take the box out of mold after 36 hrs.




5. Now let the box dry for 4-5 days or a week (depend on the thickness). If it is cold that means it is wet.


6. I used nail filer to smooth the rough surface.
7. I covered the inner surface of box with craft foam; velvet will also be a good option.


8. Color it with acrylic colors, or let it stay white.

9. I used watercolor sketch pens on it, but watercolors fades after some time. Later, I used acrylic colors again. So acrylic colors are better option.




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