Pressed Flower Art Tutorial

Patience is the key to create a beautiful pressed flower art. Other materials required for the craft are white glue, paper (chart paper or handmade paper) and flowers / leaves / grass etc matching your design needs.

-> Drying the flowers – First step is to dry the flowers and leaves, its latest technology is “Flower press”, but I don’t have it J so I use the traditional one, I keep my flowers inside a book and let it fully dry, it may take few weeks. Some quick tips -
Pick the flower, softly dry any dew drop or excess water with soft cloth, than put it inside a heavy book, note the flower face should be placed downward. Dry the flowers as soon as they are picked.
Two paper pieces can be placed between the flower and the book page. This will help to preserve your book.
Ensure that the some more books or another heavy item is placed over the flower book. Also ensure that the book is placed in a dry corner of home, otherwise the moisture released from the flower may damage the book making it a bit wrinkled and stained.
For fast drying flowers can be pressed in Microwave.

-> As per your design, arrange the flowers / leaves / grass on the paper. Softly cut the flowers if required.

-> Pick one flower piece and put a thin layer of glue on that area, keep the flower back to its position. Similarly glue all the flowers and let it dry.

You can draw borders if desired. Your pressed flower art is ready. You can make greeting cards with this or it can be framed to decorate your walls.


  1. Hi great work! u use anything to seal these pressed flowers so they don't disintegrate over time? stay blessed!:)

  2. Hi Grace, Thanks for liking it. I have not used anything in above picture. But recently I discovered that a thin layer of ModPodge (apply softly) can make a good protective layer.