Paper mache clay with Flour

Materials Required 
Newspaper, Flour

How to prepare Paper mache clay with Flour –

Tear the newspaper in small pieces and Soak it in hot boiling water and cover the lid, and leave it overnight.

Grind the soaked paper, a little amount of water can be added to make a smooth paper paste.

Now take out the paper paste in a large bowl and add flour in small proportions. Knead a soft dough by adding enough amount of flour. There is no fix ratio of paper paste and flour.
Now the dough is ready to take any shape. It can also be stored in airtight containers and refrigerated.

Radha Krishna Doll Preparation –

Material Required 
Paper mache clay, color, glue

Take small amount of paper mache clay and prepare the body (conical shape with flat top and bottom) and head (small ball shape) for Radha Krishna. As highlighted in picture.
Let the shapes dry completely, it may take a week, depending on the thickness of the shape.

Paint the shapes with your favorite colors, I used acrylic colors.

Once the paint is dry, fix the head shape ball on the body shape, with white glue.

Let it dry. And your dolls are ready :)


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