Paper Mache with Glue - Tutorial

Materials Required –

Everything in this picture except my daughter :)

Newspaper, white glue, transparent plastic, any hard surface like clipboard or chopping plate, sello tape, scissor, plain paper to draw the shape or any printed picture, pencil and eraser, fabric colors, brushes

How to prepare paper mache clay –

Tear the newspaper in small pieces. And soak it in hot boiling water and cover the lid, and leave it overnight.

Drain and squeeze all the water or just stain all the excess water with a juice stainer.
Put the wet paper pieces in a large bowl and pour some white glue over it. Lots of glue will be required but it’s better to add it in little portions.

It’s messy but please get your hands into this and knead it hard, it’s real tough.

Now the dough is ready and it can be stored in airtight container for 2-3 days (If refrigerated)

How to prepare Violin -

Take a paper and draw the shape you want to create with paper mache. Printed sketches can also be used, but working on fine details is a bit difficult with paper mache.

Place the paper on any hard surface, like chopping board. Stick the paper with the surface using tapes. Cover the drawing paper surface with a thick transparent plastic.

Take small portions of clay and stick over the plastic so that complete picture gets covered.


Once done, apply a thick layer of glue on the shape.

Let it dry overnight, or it can also be dried in sun, drying time depends on the thickness of the clay on shape. It looks like this after complete drying.

When dry, remove the plastic from the surface.

Now slowly detach the plastic away from the shape, it’s better to pull it from backside.

And it’s done. The shape is now ready to be painted.

Tips –

  1. It’s better to use fabric color for painting, because poster color gets absorbed by newspaper and lose their shine.
  2. Gray color of clay gets easily covered with Bright colors. Having this in mind you can choose your picture.
  3. Hand grinder or mixer can also be used, but I am not sure if that happens the same way or that recipe requires a little of water.


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