Newspaper Bowl Tutorial

Materials required – 

Newspaper, glue, water, bowl to be used as mold, plastic bag, tissue paper, brush

Steps -

Tear some newspaper pieces. Mix water and glue in equal proportions to dilute the glue, use of water makes the newspaper a bit soggy and thus helps it to get molded in any shape.
Cover the bowl with plastic bag. And seat it with a knot or rubber band.

Using brush, apply some diluted glue on the bowl and put the newspaper pieces over it. Keep covering the bowl with multiple layers of newspaper pieces. As the glue is diluted it takes longer to get dry so we should not wait for the same.
You may need to shape your paper bowl by pressing it with your palm.

Stop when you get satisfying thickness of the newspaper layers on bowl.

The last layer of the bowl should be made with tissue paper pieces, because it gives a good texture. Also it makes easy to color the bowl.

Now let the paper bowl completely dry.
Once done, cut the plastic bag knot and take out the bowl used as mold. Take out the plastic as well.

Again let the inner surface of bowl get dry.

Now your bowl is ready to be colored.


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