Nameplate - Step by step.

Here are some details to make the nameplate -

1. First select a picture or drawing, then decide the colors and amount of colored clay required to create the picture (like lots of brown and a little of orange color clay was required in my case) .
2. Prepare your clay. Once it is ready (after 24 hrs) as per the tutorial procedure.
3. Prepare colored clay with different oil colors, as per the amount required and store in different airtight boxes. (should be refrigerated when not in use).
4. Now find a flat surface, like chopping board or dry kitchen platform, on which the clay will not stick. As we have used glue while making the clay.
5. Prepare different shapes, like I prepared drop shape for leaves and then pressed it softly with a knife at center, to make the line on leaf. For the bird beak a prepared a red diamond shape and folded it at the center.. Similarly prepare cloud, sun, sun rays, bird, bird wings, different parts of house, grass, mashrooms, etc… I used knife for making lines, like in tree, house roof. 
Preparing the shape by putting them over a flat surface makes the work easy.
Would suggest you to put the shape one over the other as per your drawing needs and modify if required, before drying the clay.
6. Once all the shapes are ready, let them dry in shade until complete dry.
7. Select a background of your choice, like wooden plate or anything else, color it with oil color (as required for your drawing) and let it dry. 
Make arrangements for hanging it, if required. Should be done before step 9.
8. Once your clay shapes are dry and ready, paint with oil colors, a fine boundary, draw eyes, make dots or any other painting work required and again let it dry for some time.
9. Now it’s time to assemble. Apply glue on the back ground surface and place the shapes as per drawing.

And your masterpiece is ready :)


  1. hi.. i saw your nameplate design. its awesome. please can you provide some more styles, design.... ? i want to make one. please provide. thanks..

  2. Designs... that's a tough one, because i don't have any. You know what I do for such design problems, best source for cold porcelain work is Cartoons :) It may sound funny but cartoon world or graphics are most beautiful things to incorporate into clay art. Like... you can choose a cute birds, butterflies, house designs or anything you want in your nameplate and create your own designs.

    Long time ago, I had saved this picture to create a nameplate for my brother, check it if you like this -