Monster Keychain cum earphone holder Tutorial

Material Required – 

Colorful felt papers, needle, colorful thread, pencil, scissor, small button, keychain (ring and chain).

Procedure –

Cut felt paper in the shape as shown in picture. (At this point of time I had no plan for tail so that’s missing here)

In the head rectangle, make a smiley sign with pencil and then embroidery with red color thread. (After taking the picture, I realized that the smiley is not that cute, so I changed it later)


Fix the eyes

Take the hand piece, fold it in and cut the corners and shown. Stitch it from sides and fill some cotton in it.



For horns, make horn sign with pencil and cut both the pieces to make same shape, stitch the sides.


In the body felt paper, take out a lip shape piece to make monster’s legs. Fix the hand with regular stitching to the body felt paper. Then stitch the head covering the regular stitching of hands.


In the head section cut off the corners to make a place for horns, then stitch the horns.


While stitching the sides of monster, remember to keep one side open.


Now fix a small tail.

Take the same lip shape piece that came out while cutting the legs of monster and stitch it to the upper section on monster.
Fix the button on the bottom section.



Make a hole with needle in one horn of the monster and fix the chain and ring of key ring arrangement.


Here is cute monster – key chain and earphone holder ready for use.



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