Love Coupons Tutorial

Love coupons are easiest, handmade and unique gifts. There are websites providing printable love coupons, but I preferred to create my own, just to add that personal touch and flavors.

The emotional part –
1. List down big or small things that your partner is missing or willing to do, like visit to a special place, any activity etc.
2. List down things that would make your partner feel happy or special, like preparing some special food, giving him a day off from his family responsibilities etc
3. As per your partner’s desire list down all the things you enjoy doing for your partner like giving him head / body massage, washing the car, cleaning the house, blank coupons etc
4. Plan date / time, how to fulfill your partners wishes. Like book tickets, reservations etc. if planning to go out for any trip or dinner.

When all the ideas are final, there comes the presentation part –
5.  Cut some coupon size rectangles from your favorite handmade paper, even simple paper would work.
6. Decorate it, or simply draw borders. It’s good if all the coupons looks alike.
7. If desired you can punch all the coupons to tie it together.
8. Write down all the coupon content.

9. Any paper / design of same rectangular size can be used as cover. For my coupon, I have used a denim price tag as cover. I covered all the text written over it with white paper and wrote “Just BECAUSE l love you” over it.

10. You can add more fun by putting some terms and conditions for all the coupons.
11. Tie all the coupons.

And the Bunch of your emotions is ready to be presented to the special one.


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