How to make Pearl Tree

Materials required –
Beads, thin wire (Gold, silver or copper matching your bead color), thread (matching with bead color, stick or thin plant stem, small flowerpot or smallest bowl to be used as base, scissor, bowl, bouquet sponge to hold tree inside the bowl, glue, colorful small beads

Steps –
Pass a bead through the wire such that one side of bead has a small wire portion say 1.5 cms,

now bring the two sides of wire nearby and twist it 1-2 times creating a loop. 

Now put another bead, and leave some extra wire around 1.5 cms on the other bead’s side and again twist the two sides of wire, 

similarly add 1 or two other beads in one branch of the pearl tree. 

Leave some extra wire in the branch to wrap around the stick. 

Create some more leaves to the branch

Create as many branches as you want, remembering that the branches will have more pearls on the lower side, to give it a tree like structure. 

Now start wrapping the branches on the stick. 

Take a thread and tie it somewhere in the stick, now cover the stick with the thread. (If any section is not getting covered with the thread then the same can be painted with oil color matching the thread)

Anything matching your tree can be used for the base, I have taken a small bowl and bouquet sponge to hold the tree inside bowl (if the sponge is not able to hold the tree then porcelain clay can also be used to create the base), apply a little glue on the sponge top and sprinkle the small beads to cover the sponge.

Your Pearl tree is ready now.


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