Homemade cold porcelain clay recipe

Following are the ingredient required –

1. ½ Cup cornstarch or Flour (Maida).
2. ½ Cup white glue.
3. 1tsp lemon juice
4. 1tsp baby oil
5. ½ tsp Glycerin
6. Vaseline – to apply on hands

Yield : An orange size ball of clay is produced with this. 

1. Prefer an old nonstick pan and spoon. 
2. Mix all the wet ingredients (Glue, lemon juice, baby oil and glycerin) in pan.


3. Now mix the cornstarch / flour and still until the mixture becomes smooth.

4. Now put the pan over medium heat and keep stirring it.

5. You need to continue stir, as in a very short time the mixture will start transforming, and will rapidly become stiff.

6. When all the mixture gets combined in one lump and has pulled away from the sides of pan. Remove the pan from heat. The clay will look like mashed potato by this time.

7. Apply Vaseline on both the hands and knead the dough. If the clay is too hot, a clean wet towel can be used to cover the clay while kneading.

8. Knead the dough until the clay becomes smooth textured, elastic, and no longer sticky.

9. Now store the dough in an airtight container and refrigerate it for 24 hrs.
10.  After 24 hrs, the dough is ready to be used.
11.  A little of Oil colors can be mixed in the dough to change it color.

Tips –
1. You must wait for 24 Hrs before working with your clay.
2. Always keep your unused dough in an airtight container, as it gets dried.
3. Unused refrigerated dough can be kept for months.
4. The clay shrinks when it dries.
5. Cornstarch dough takes less time in drying then flour dough.

You can find the step by step tutorial for making the nameplate at - "Nameplate - Step by step"


  1. Hi I saw your nameplate its beautiful...I want to make one for my hubby b'day...with this I want to add human figures too..can u plz guide also plz can u give the tutorial for your nameplate

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for liking it.
      I hope I am not late in replying, adding human figures is a great idea, there are endless possibilities to use the clay. With your art and imagination you can create a masterpiece.
      Getting back to the details you are looking for. At this point of time, I will not be able to provide a picture tutorial but I would surely add it with my next clay art. Time being, I have added some more details in page linked below.


      Hope it will help.

      I got some pages that can help you further in making human faces. Do visit –


      http://lariluzartesanato.blogspot.in/2011/04/passo-passo-abelhinha.html - It’s a Portuguese site, but the pictures are helpful.

  2. hi. i try to make the same but clay didnt bind up.. i mean it is not in the form of dough. it didnt bind up at all. plz help and tell where i am making mistake plz. waiting your reply soon. thanks.

    1. Hi Sonali, sorry for delay. I have just returned from my native after a month of vacation :)

      Back on your problem, as I understand there can be two scenarios when you are not able to work with your clay. If the clay you made is very sticky, then probably it is undercooked, and if it becomes flakey then it is overcooked.

      For the first case “Undercooked” you can add more corn flour or Flour (Maida) untill comfortable to work, and put in fridge for at least 24 hrs, if again it is sticky then you may have to add more flour, almost every time you work with clay :( that’s a sad one.

      For the second case ie “Overcooked”, I would suggest preparing another batch of undercooked clay and blend both the clays together.

      Let me know if it helps.

  3. Great, thank you !! I have a few new recipes for cold porcelain! http://anri-irene.blogspot.hu

  4. Hi Anri, thanks for sharing, your new recipes. Will try them :)