Embossing Tutorial

Materials required -
Drawing sheet or card board, pencil, flour, glue, plastic, colors, cello tapes

Steps -

Take a drawing sheet or card board and sketch your picture.

Take a plastic and cut off some triangles.

Fold the triangles and make a cone (like “Mehandi cones”). Tape the inner corners and centers with lots of cello tape(or paper pin) for stiffness. The edge of the cone should be well pointed.


Mix flour with glue, blend this mixture well to form a smooth paste. The paste should neither be too thin nor thick, it should have a smooth creamy consistency. 
I used transparent glue which is thinner then white glue. White glue should be diluted with a little water. 
Any available glue can be used as we will be applying it on paper. 

You can also add some colors while making the paste.


After the cone is well taped and stiff, fill this flour paste inside using a spoon. Now carefully fold the bottom and close it using lots of tape (or rubber band). The cone should be stiff and well packed with tapes to prevent leakage.

Now the cone is ready for use, slightly cut the tip of the cone and start detailing your picture. 

Once done, let it rest until completer dry.

Now color the painting with your choice of colors.


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