About Me!!


Yellow Craft is an “Art and Craft blog” where I like posting my craft projects. I love creating projects with stuffs that are used in our everyday life. Handmade crafts are great Gifts. 
Gifts having a personal touch. They also decorate your house as in your “Dream Home” without having to break the bank. Besides this, the craft making process fortifies the bond with your family & specially kids and simply entertain yourself. 
My creations are usually self explanatory, still I will ensure that all required information or tutorials are available. By this I hope to inspire others to embrace creativity and add a magical touch of handmade flair to their lives.

Some quick facts about me –

My name is Saomya Soni and I live in Pune (India). I Enjoyed working as a Software professional for 6 years then I was blessed with a beautiful daughter.
And motherhood changed everything. 
As if I got new Eyes and Heart, to see the colors, to see the beauty in every little thing. I became more sensitive even for toys :)
Emotions, Imaginations and creativity.. they all ended up in my new lifestyle - Craft.
So here is the blog that features some of my creative ideas.
I am a Nature Lover so if I am not crafting,  I love Travelling or I should say Wandering. Also i like Reading, Blogging, Poetry, Stories and Photography. They are the perfect medium to Fill myself with creativity and imagination and capture my thoughts, imaginations and creative endeavors in an easy to find format!

I truly enjoy reading your comments and knowing you're out there. I try to answer and connect whenever I can. Feel free to say hello at yellowcraftblog@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy your visit!



  1. Oh my goodness! Those are some amazing projects! I can’t believe how many of these I don’t know! Off to go learn..thanks so much!


  2. Love your blog. I have tried the Plastic Bottle - Table decor with my kid from your blog, it came out very well. Keep doing..