Thursday, September 21, 2017

DIY - Ganapati Aasan decoration

I have seen various beautiful and amazing decoration ideas that people have done for Ganapati Ji, before inviting them at home, but sometimes we may run out of time or resources. As I am going through right now, here is my quick and easy decoration idea that I am doing for this Chaturthi. Hope you and Ganapati bappa likes it.

Here are the steps to make this -

Materials required - Thermocol sheet, cutter, candle, sketch pen, thread / ribbon, cloth, decorative flower garland, gold / silver chain

Here is the procedure -

1. Take a thermocol sheet, take a piece of ribbon, and tie it with one end of the sketch pen, ribbon length should be the radius of the circle (as per the size of half circle). Take the other end of ribbon and mark the circle on the sheet.
Now heat the cutter slightly with the candle and cut the markings to take out the half circle sheet.



2. Now take a piece of cloth slightly bigger (width) then the thermocol circle radius, my length of cloth was almost 4 times the radius of circle.
Make small pleats in the cloth and stitch it to keep intact.


3. Take one corner of the cloth and fix it with all pins at one corner of the themocol, first fix the bottom side as shown in pictures.


4. Now start fixing all pleats one by one, starting from the top center.

4. This is how it looks when complete.

5. Similarly fix the cloth backside.

6. Its complete.

7. You can now decorate it with flowers or any other innovative ideas.


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