Thursday, August 17, 2017

DIY - Ganesha Clay Idol (Eco Friendly)

O Lord Vinayaka. The remover of all obstacles, the son of Lord Shiva, with a form which is very short, with mouse as Thy vehicle, with sweet pudding in hand, with wide ears and long hanging trunk, I prostrate at Thy lotus-like Feet!

Ganesh Chaturthi - It’s that beautiful time of the year again. Very soon the city will be draped in a colorful collage of myriad hues and the swaying to the musical mantra of Ganpati Bappa Morya... To bound everyone together, by the same feelings of unity,  feelings of faith, devotion and love for the God - in a single thread of commonness…
Creating Ganesha Idol with our own hands is a delightful activity and satisfies our creative urge. Today I am sharing the tutorial to an make attractive idol of Lord Ganesha with Shadu clay.

Here is the Link to the Tutorial Page -


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