Saturday, July 29, 2017

DIY - Felt Cell Phone Cover


Here is my latest creation for my latest cell phone, It's a super simple felt cell phone cover that is done in just 3 steps, cut measure the felt, cut it and stitch. And it's done.

Here is the procedure looks like -
Material required -
Felt (paper or fabric not sure) sheets, scissors, cell phone, ruler or measuring tape, pencil / marker, sewing machine

1. Measure the Felt paper 1 cm larger than the dimensions of phone, all sides.

2. Cut as in picture.

3. Decorate the front side with anything like embroidery, or stickers or anything you like, or can leave it plain, that also looks good. I am always a fan of lord Krishna and their peacock feather, so I thought of doing this embroidery of the feather and flute.

4. Stitch the pieces as in picture.

And it's done.
Hope you like it.


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