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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chakras Poster

Me.. You.. Us...
Nature, Human, Brain, Psychology, Mind - Body - Soul, What works how and Why?
Such are some of the questions and subjects I have grown up with... As much as I am learning new things and subjects, my area of interests and my questions, are increasing... I am still floating in an ocean of questions..
But there is something I want to share with you all, Our "Chakra System". Understanding our chakras helped me identifying the obstacles for our physical, psychological and emotional well being, it also helped in finding ways to overcome that, it helped me to realize what exactly the word "Peace" means, like how it feels to be in Peace...
I doubt I have enough skills to fully express myself in words, I think internet has already enough amount of information about Chakras, because I too have learnt from internet.
The key is to keep thinking about everything you read and try to related various information together. Some good sources, from where I learnt, are pinned on my Pinterest Borad "MySpiritual Being". For people really interested in opening up Chakras I would request to visit the same.
This is my watercolor poster on the Chakra System. I created this so that daily I can see all this information in one place, until they are absorbed inside. These colors really attracts, even my 6 yr daughter is interested in this poster and keeps me asking various questions 😊. I tried putting all my learning in a single picture.
Please save the image below to get a clear and complete view.
I am posting this in my blog, as a little contribution or a token of Thanks, to those who shared their knowledge on internet, so that people like me can understand and learn the Chakra system, to make our life better.
Thanks Internet and all the knowledge sources behind it.

Here are my Daily Gratitude and Chakra Affirmation Posters.
At the bottom. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tree House - Photo Frame with Waste Materials

It's been a long time I posted to the blog, we have recently shifted to a new city and life was quite a busy... But interesting... As I love new things...
My daughter is growing fast and so my art and craft ideas, this time we had to create a photo frame with waste materials, for her 1st grade school project.
Nothing can be more beautiful than your own creation.
So here is the Photo frame we created for my daughter -

Materials required - Cardboard, tint / color papers, scissors, pencil, eraser, glue, ice crème sticks.

Procedure -
1. Draw your design on cardboard and cut the base structure.

2. Cut color paper pieces as per design (as in pic). For tree I cut the base green paper that covers all the space, so that cardboard doesn't appear anywhere.

3. Arrange and cut ice creme sticks as required.

4. Start sticking with the base green paper.

5. Then trunk and branches.

6. Randomly stick green and yellow cloud shape papers to complete the tree.

7. Start sticking ice creme sticks for the house.

8. Now the basic tree house design is ready. Now you can personalize it with items of your choice.

9. I covered a plastic ring with thread to create the Tire swing, With a bead I created the Lamp. And with few sticks i created the rope ladder. Then we decorated it with some of my daughter's drawings.

This completes our tree house, what will you add in yours? I would love to see, please share with us...