Thursday, December 29, 2016

Plastic Bottle Flower (DIY)

Once again, an Eco friendly approach to reduce plastic waste, this time I made flowers with my plastic bottles. A flower that will not have any fragrance to attract your nostrils, but it would certainly catches your eyes, the flower that is not so soft to touch, but it's surely soft on mother earth, a flower that would look beautiful forever that would give you a satisfying feeling of creation...

Here is the super easy steps to follow, to make these flowers -
Material required - Plastic bottles, scissors, thin wire and pliers, beads, needle

1. Choose any shampoo, oil, talcum powder bottle, as per the colour of flower you want to create.

2. Remove the plastic wrapping of it.

3. Cut it in small rectangle pieces.

4. Shape them as petals of flower (flower design may vary as per your imagination).

5. Prick the needle at the bottom part of the petal to insert the wire.
6. Tie the wire around the petal and bead it as shown in picture.

7. Tie all 5 wires together tightly.

8. Open up the flower by spreading the petals.

9. Make as many colourful flower as you want.

Like it?


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