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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

DIY Baby Saree - Wrap around Saree

DIY Baby Saree - For cute little princesses

I brought her fancy and simple frocks, I brought her many pairs of Jeans, skirts and tees, I even brought her princess dresses and ghagharas... but she was not satisfied. 
She wants a Saree, something like mamma has. It's a mystery why a little girl wants all the things that her mamma has, while she's still a small girl, I refuse to let her grow up, but sometimes it feels so cute, so sometimes I surrender. Like this one, I got forced to make a saree for her.
But Me and my daughter, we both are happy with the finished product. She loves it so much that she wanna wear it all the time...

Here is the procedure how I made this saree -
Materials - any soft saree, cloth for lining (Astar), Sewing machine and materials.
Procedure -
1. Take two cloths, a soft saree of size (204 x 24 inch) a lining cloth size (37 x 24 inch).

2. Stitch both the saree and lining cloths on two sides (as shown in pic)
3. once saree and lining cloth is stitched together, make 6 pates, 4.5 inch each, and stitch these plates on the base part of saree (as shown in pic)

4. Attach 3 Skirt / pant hook set to the saree. Hooks at the back side and closing ends on the front side (As shown in pic)
5. Your saree in complete now.
All the measurements are based on my 5 yr old girl's height and waist size, so you may need to adjust as per your daughters measurements.
6. Its like wrap around, so while draping the saree, adjust the two hooks besides plates, as they should come in front and in center, close all the hooks and drap the pallu, either falling or gujrati style or anything that your daughter likes...

Do make one, they look really adorable...