Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paint your Shoes

A baby's tiny feet.... you can hold them in your palm and be in the awe of the magic. What isn't there to love it? Tiny, little, pudgy, ticklish...... and super cute. I still remember the soft touch of her little feet as when she was just few days old.

Time is flying and my daughter is growing faster than that.
I love when she gives her random requirements, like butterfly mask or Prince costume for her teddy bear so that it can attend Cinderella's (She herself is Cinderella) dance party, I must say that 70% of my artistic things are originated because of her childish demands.
So here is her wish of shoes having butterfly, orange flower and 'Depisone' (her own word for heart shape) flowers.

Materials Used - White Canvas shoes, Acrylic colors, pencil, Spray varnish (optional)


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