Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY - Thermocol Lamp Shade

This was again a time pass, 20 min craft, done just for fun. Surprisingly I am quite happy and satisfied with the output, and I kept it on my wall for a month. It’s the simplest craft ever J
I loved the overall shape of lamp shade and the light emitting from it. Next time I would try the same with card board stripes glued together, having some designs painted over it, Surely the light diffusing from the bulb would look more beautiful.

Here is the procedure.
1. Cut thermocol in small equal rectangles.

2. Attach them in pentagonal shapes using paper pins.

3. Place the pentagon one over the other and attach with pins.

4. I tied some threads to hang it, you may try some new ideas to give it a better look, like making a hook with craft wire.

5. Hang it and light it up with a pendent light inside.


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