Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kids Jewelry made with Clothespins

Aren’t they cute? But, it was not my idea, I got this idea while browsing for “Handmade kids jewelry” and cloud not resist myself for trying it. Before I had two broken plastic clothespins that I used for this project, but after seeing the outcome I am planning to break some more J for earrings, and necklace and bracelets and…. OMG how useful these broken clothespins are J
I think the procedure is obvious, still sharing it –
Material – Clothespin springs, beads

1. Takeout the clothespin spring by twisting it.

2. Pull apart the open ends of spring wire and slip in a bead.

3. Here is your pendent ready to wear.


  1. Amazing procedure to make jewellery for kids . I never heard that a beautiful pendent can be made from clothespin spring. Thanks for sharing.