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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kids Jewelry made with Clothespins

Aren’t they cute? But, it was not my idea, I got this idea while browsing for “Handmade kids jewelry” and cloud not resist myself for trying it. Before I had two broken plastic clothespins that I used for this project, but after seeing the outcome I am planning to break some more J for earrings, and necklace and bracelets and…. OMG how useful these broken clothespins are J
I think the procedure is obvious, still sharing it –
Material – Clothespin springs, beads

1. Takeout the clothespin spring by twisting it.

2. Pull apart the open ends of spring wire and slip in a bead.

3. Here is your pendent ready to wear.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby "Bulb" Lantern

My daughter inspires this Baby Bulb Lantern. Therefore, it is dedicated to her innocence.
We changed the fused bulb of our bike headlight, it was a small one, my daughter took it from my husband’s hand and said to me – “Mamma baby bulb”. She shows me everything in terms of “Mamma and Baby” – like mamma flower – baby flower, mamma leaf – baby leaf. So that day she found a baby bulb and was not agreed to leave it to the mechanic uncle, so we brought it home. I tried throwing it but couldn’t do so.
Then I thought of making this Lantern. And preserve this memory forever.
But you know what she said after seeing this lantern? “Mamma where is mamma lantern?” :)
I really love her. :)

Here is the tutorial of making this Lantern -

Material required – 40-50w bulb (small bulb), pliers / knife (any available to tool to clean the bulb), bottle cleaner, hard wire, clay (I used shilpkar, but air dry clay or any other clay can also be used), Fevicol, Acrylic Colors, brushes

1. Take out the back portion of the bulb, with the help of pliers.

2. Clean the glass of bulb with bottle cleaner (optional )

3. Take a small piece of hard wire and fold it to make the shape of sides of lantern. You will need heavy-duty scissors to cut the wire, I broke mine. :(

4. Take some clay and make the base of lantern fixing the wire inside it, shape for the wick, shape that would cover the bulb top and a curve shape for the handle. Color the wick part.

5. Fix the wick inside the bulb with fevicol. let it dry.

6. Cover the bulb top. Let everything dry completely. 

7. Make any designs on the lantern shape (Optional).

8. Color everything, with your favorite colors. My father had a green Lantern, so i chose this color, childhood memories :)

9. Fix the bulb inside the lantern shape with fevicol.

10. Fix the handle, I broke my clay handle while fixing it, so I made the handle with a thin wire and colored it.
11. Decorate lantern with golden / sparkling colors (Optional). 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY - Thermocol Lamp Shade

This was again a time pass, 20 min craft, done just for fun. Surprisingly I am quite happy and satisfied with the output, and I kept it on my wall for a month. It’s the simplest craft ever J
I loved the overall shape of lamp shade and the light emitting from it. Next time I would try the same with card board stripes glued together, having some designs painted over it, Surely the light diffusing from the bulb would look more beautiful.

Here is the procedure.
1. Cut thermocol in small equal rectangles.

2. Attach them in pentagonal shapes using paper pins.

3. Place the pentagon one over the other and attach with pins.

4. I tied some threads to hang it, you may try some new ideas to give it a better look, like making a hook with craft wire.

5. Hang it and light it up with a pendent light inside.