Thursday, April 30, 2015

Krishna – Wall decor

Krishna… I feel he is the most versatile personality of our culture. He is the only Deity who actually acted like a common person, he never went into the question of good or bad, he said that “There is nothing like Good or Bad, its just our point of view which makes it Good or bad”. He always acted as the circumstances demanded. As he fled the battlefield, in battle with Kalyavan and be called as “Ranchhor”. He always put forth the picture of Real and Common man who cannot act as an idealistic person every time. Due to this quality, he secures the love of his seers than their faith, and even west finds him close to it.
This is a small attempt to capture him in this picture. I drew the picture on a MDF and did the cone work on it (Details here). Then painted everything with Black acrylic color. Highlighted Krishna with golden acrylic color and painted the clouds, moon and stars.

Hope you like it.


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