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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

Indian Village Girl

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

Lakshmi Kadam

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Krishna – Wall decor

Krishna… I feel he is the most versatile personality of our culture. He is the only Deity who actually acted like a common person, he never went into the question of good or bad, he said that “There is nothing like Good or Bad, its just our point of view which makes it Good or bad”. He always acted as the circumstances demanded. As he fled the battlefield, in battle with Kalyavan and be called as “Ranchhor”. He always put forth the picture of Real and Common man who cannot act as an idealistic person every time. Due to this quality, he secures the love of his seers than their faith, and even west finds him close to it.
This is a small attempt to capture him in this picture. I drew the picture on a MDF and did the cone work on it (Details here). Then painted everything with Black acrylic color. Highlighted Krishna with golden acrylic color and painted the clouds, moon and stars.

Hope you like it.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

PVC Pipe - Flower Vase

Yellow Craft… I never knew I would miss her so badly. It’s like a best friend for me, which motivates me to think different, think positive, think artistic. And give a whole new vision for things and happenings around me. For example, nowadays, if my daughter breaks a glass, I think of making a mosaic. When I see the construction leftovers like plumbing plastic pipes I think of making a flower vase.

This is a long awaited post for me and my friends. In past few months, we shifted to a new place. New house, new school for my kid and a new start of life… these days were a bit happy as well as sad. I am happy because,  In month of Feb and March, Yellow-Craft “Likes” reaches up to “1580”, I was a bit surprised to see the hike so I e-mailed “Facebook” to know if they were genuine likes or because of “Click farms”, and was pleased to see the Facebook response that “No suspicious activity is observed” on my facebook page. Also I got few e-mails asking for my new post. But I am sad that I could not respond to those mails on time.

Trying for a new and positive start, with this post – This is a flower vase made with – PVC pipe, a small MDF for base, POP, fevicol, acrylic colors and varnish.

Here is the Procedure –
1. For base - Cut wood or MDF in desired shape (Round or square) and size.
2. Color the inner section of washed/cleaned PVC Pipe with acrylic color black. Let it complete dry.
3. Fix the plastic pipe with MDF using a Fevicol and POP mixed into a paste.
Note – Mix small portions of POP and fevicol each time. As the clay dries with air and mixing in large quantities may ends up with useless dry clay. Also Do not use any water. It fasten the drying process and would bent the MDF.
4. Make different texture and shapes with the same POP and fevicol mix. Let it dry.
5. First color the complete vase with black and let dry. Then color other parts.
6. Varnish it to protect from dust.