Friday, December 19, 2014

Clay Dolls

My daughter always wanted to have a family of dolls, Papa doll, mamma doll and baby doll, we could get mamma and baby doll for her, but Boy doll is only available in a marriage doll set (ie, Bride – Groom doll set) which she never liked. Another problem was the size, every time she used to explain so cutely with her small hands that she wants a big doll for Papa, then medium height doll for mamma and small doll for baby, and yes, they all should look alike, so with all such terms and conditions we could never make a family of dolls for her.
You know, how it feels when we could not fulfill such cute but difficult requests.
So this Christmas, I decided to create a  family doll set for her, first I tried creating a Santa Claus doll, and then created a family of dolls. I have not gifted her yet. I am just having my fingers crossed that she likes it.

Here is the doll tutorial. – Clay Doll Tutorial



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