Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mural Art - Ganesha on leaf

Murals… There is nothing like the joy you get while making a mural, discovering something new every time you create one. Finding out all the little tricks that improves your artwork. I had created one before and still in process of learning new techniques. There is an absolute wealth of information available all around, but reading more and more would only fill you with the anxiety of failure. But I believe that something done for enjoyment should not be tainted by any fear. Like any other art, this too takes a huge amount of practice, commitment and patience, accompanied by a substantial amount of trial and errors. Which can be frustrating at times but can also be rewarding. So go ahead and try one, you will surely fall in love with this art.

Here is the procedure I followed -

Materials Required - Shilpkar clay, MDF, primer, sand, glue, POP, colors and Varnish

Steps -

1. Sketch your design on the ply or MDF.
2. Apply a thin coat of POP and Fevicol mixture on the base and make texture of your choice, I made the texture with finger.
3. With the same POP and Fevicol mix, stick the sand on the areas required.
4. Made the shapes like leaf, diya and ganesha with M-Seal clay (Shilpkar), any other clay or ready moulds can also be used.
5. Let it dry completely.
6. Apply a coat of wood primer (optional).
7. Once dry, color your mural all over with black. And let dry.
8. Apply other colors.
9. At last, apply a coat of clear varnish.


  1. Thanks for the details..I am def going to try creating a mural..

  2. Thanks,it's very use ful details,,, plz can u tell me papermach work,,

    1. Hi Ravi, please check this link for some of my Paper Mache craft items and their tutorials - http://yellow-craft.blogspot.in/search/label/Paper%20Mache%20Craft

  3. Wonderful.. Wat s MDF?.. Can I do it on a canvas?

  4. Wonderful.. Wat s MDF?.. Can I do it on a canvas?

    1. Hi Lavanya, MDF is like Plywood, it can be easily obtained at any hardware shop. I would suggest using Wood or ply instead of canvas, as I am unsure if Canvas could hold the weight of clay or POP.
      Sorry for delay in reply.

  5. Archana HaripraveenOctober 15, 2017 at 12:12 AM

    Mam nice explaination ... What kind of colours can we use mam...

  6. Hi Archana,

    You can use either Oil colors or Acrylic colors, which ever you are comfortable with.
    I have used acrylic colors.

    Thanks, Saomya