Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mural Art - 3D Ceramic Painting

Sometimes back I discovered a new art, “3D ceramic paintings and Murals” and it took me months to research and learn this art because no information is available on internet about this, and luckily I got a friend cum guide who gave me guidelines for creating this. After a long wait, I tried it – Here is my first 3D ceramic painting.
I tried coloring Ganapati face like an idol, with Chandan Tilak, and Gold ear ring. Flowers are Blue(Pearl color).
Here is the procedure I followed –

Material Required – Wood or MDF, POP, Fevicol, Acrylic colors.
Steps followed –
1. Cut wood / MDF in desired shape. And draw your design on it.
2. Make dough by mixing POP and Fevicol.
3. Prepare shapes as per your design.
4. Let the shapes dry for a day or two.
5. Prepare a paste of POP and fevicol and apply all over the base. Stick your shapes as per design. Create the texture desired.
6. Let it dry for a day or two.
7. Once dry, color with acrylic colors.
Note: Varnish can be applied as protective coating.

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