Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shubh - Labh

Its “Diwali” time in India. Families are upbeat for Diwali preparation and you can feel the festivities in the air, my eyes got a crafty treat during my last shopping, beautiful lanterns, Diyas, Rangoli, Gift boxes, Pooja items excreta excreta… At this time and after seeing all such things, who can stay away from creating something new, so this is what I have created this time.

“Shubh – Labh” written in “Hindi”, are actually two sons of Lord Ganesha. They mean “Good Luck and Prosperity”. So we write “Shubh - Labh” at the entrance of house to welcome Good luck and Prosperity.

The base is made with paper mache clay and after painting with acrylic colors, I did some cone work for embossed "Shubh labh" and design part - get the clay tutorial here. Cone work tutorial can be find here.


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