Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plastic Bottle – Mini Basket

“Gifts” are wonderful things. Isn’t it? Both the persons become happy. Return gift of gifting your loved one is viewing the mild facial expression changes - while receiving the gift, opening the wrapping paper and the happiness after watching the gift. But what makes it more special is “how” you are giving the gift.
Some days back my best friend visited my house and I brought a small gift for her. It was nicely packed but handing over that small box was not doing well, so I thought of creating this small basket. I am happy that she liked everything, first the basket, then the gift packing and lastly the gift – small box of Anklets.

The only effort to make this basket was cutting the moisturizing lotion bottle. Here is the procedure.

Material Required – Plastic Bottle (I used body lotion bottle), pencil knife, sketch pen (any pen that writes on bottle, with washable ink)

Procedure –
With sketch pen, mark a basket design with handles of your choice.
Cut the basket.

Now draw the other details for basket, like I made squares, you can choose diamonds or anything. Avoid circles because they are difficult to cut.
Cut out the small squares.

Wash the basket to remove the sketch ink marks (optional).

Here is the basket ready.


  1. Lovely ! The basket is so cute.

    Thank you for sharing the stepwise procedure.

  2. Super Adorable basket..great idea of recycling .. love it.. :)