Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Plastic Bottle - Lamp Shade

That night, I was sitting in porch, enjoying the heavy rain and the feeling of moist cool breeze. Because of power outage, it was dark all around. My husband and daughter were playing with the candle and shadows, by putting various objects in front of candle and changing the shape and size of shadow by moving the candle and object. It made me think about the beauty of lights and shadows. And, this is how the idea of this lamp shade was born.
When I saw the light from this lampshade, it felt like I have made a Rangoli of light. And I was satisfied with my idea and execution.

For those who want to try. Here is the procedure.

Material Required – Plastic Bottle (Any thick bottle), pencil knife, cardboard, sketch pen (any pen that writes on bottle, with washable ink), scissor

Procedure –
Make a flower or any design of your choice, on the card board. Cut the design.  (As Above)

Using this cut out, draw the design on the bottle. All the flowers should be connected together.

Start cutting the outer part (everything except flowers)

Cut the top and bottom portion of the bottle, to make hollow.

I made a mistake that I cut only the top portion and made it like cup, and when I lit candle inside, it got deformed because of heat :(  so you please cut both Top and Bottom portion of the bottle.
Once all cutting is done, wash your bottle with soapy water to remove the pen ink (Optional)

Here is the lampshade ready to light you home and delight your heart.


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