Monday, September 22, 2014

Monster - Keychain cum Earphone Holder

Felt papers… so colorful and attractive. This time I started with a plan of making a cute little monster. However, I have a loose working style in everything I do, which changes my plan frequently, either I stumble across ideas or there are happy accidents, and I always found them as valuable part of my artistic endeavor.
So on a beautiful morning when I was working on my monster, I saw my husband struggling to solve his tangled wires of laptop, earphone and mouse. You know how did my creative brain function differently for this different input – it gave an idea to create a “Keychain cum Earphone Holder” and I executed the same.
Surely the product does not suit my husband so I took it and my husband just got a “Thanks” for giving me an inspiration.

Here is the tutorial for creating a felt monster or “Monster - Keychain cum earphone holder Totorial”.


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