Friday, August 22, 2014

Plastic Bottle Doll – Bharat Natyam

This plastic bottle doll (glue bottle) is covered with tissue paper and colored with Acrylic colors. Its so simple, as it appears. Lastly my daughters happiness completes its success.
I am travelling since long and really not getting any time for my blog. Even this post is a quick work. Let’s see if you like it.
Due t0 the shortage of time I just created a collage of the making steps. Here are the pictures below.


  1. It's very nice, what is the white part attached as a head, as i cannot see written text from images

  2. Hi Neha, Thanks for liking it. Its a thermocol ball, later covered with tissue paper pieces.

  3. Wow It's really Amazing.I will definitely try it at home.

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