Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Plaster of Paris – Jewelry Box

Jewelry box, it has a nice story. I went to my craft shop to get some crafty (refined) white cement, and mistakenly brought a pack of Plaster of Paris. I didn't know what could be created with that, but my craft shop is quite far from my home so returning was a bigger problem than using it.
Sometimes problems force you to think new and fly out of your ideological boundaries.
I spent few days in finding the process of using it and POP craft ideas like – wall art, sculptures, flowers etc. but I wanted to create something more useful, and here is my first POP creation.
Creating this takes only 3 steps – Mix POP, pour in mold and paint it when dry.
However, I know it takes more details while creating it, so here is the detailed procedure.


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