Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paper Mache Wind Chime

Wind Chimes… when ever this word comes in mind, I start hearing a sweet melodious shy music that can only be heard in silence. A song of wind in the voice of wind chimes. Now think of any hanging object like a suncatcher or a colorful chandelier, viewing them for few minutes is like a treat to your eyes. Simple white light spreading out in different colors.

This wind chime was my first paper mache project and I was a bit disappointed with the end result. I could not color it as my imagination. Also the boundary finish of flowers was not satisfactory. So I didn’t post this creation. But I learned many things that helped me creating my next projects Violin and Radha-KrishnaDolls.

Though it was not as expected, one thing I liked about this was the color change when the flower rotates. As it is made with newspaper, it very light in weight, so they keep rotating with little air. So when watching flowers, you see pink then yellow, small pink, big yellow, all pink, all yellow and several combinations. First I hanged it in my garden, later I created a garland and put it inside the house. Now I can watch it rotating all the time.

It is extremely simple to create, just make some flower shapes with paper mache, dry and color them, two different colors on two sides, now making a garland or a wind chime is of your choice. You can get the paper mache recipe here.




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