Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love Coupons – A bunch of emotions…

Love or a relation, can be best explained as a plant. Every small seed contains a flower inside it. 

Similarly love resides in everyone’s heart, and a right proportion of emotions can blossom it. For flowering a relation, Faith is the soil where a relation can be planted, Respect is the sunlight, Love and care works as drizzling water, and honesty protects it from insects.

A plant may grow even without the optimal mix of these, but will it flower? Similarly in a relation, over a long period of time, unknowingly, we may miss to nurture our relation with some of these emotions. So how it would be to gift a bunch of emotions on a special day? To nourish and flourish your love.

There can be different ways to express your special feeling, but I think gifting a bunch of love coupons is perfect.

I chose it as my anniversary gift. I respect all his sacrifices either its working hard for his family or switching channel from Cricket to cartoon, for my daughter. I admire his devotion to fulfill his responsibilities. And a lot of things that I could not tell him. So this anniversary I thought of gifting all those little things that he missed.

Here are my handmade love coupons and Map of Memories greeting card, get the guidelines here to create your own - Love Coupons Tutorial