Sunday, May 4, 2014

Missing You

Few days before one of our family friend visited us, just in 2 days he became a very good friend of my 3 year old daughter. Even after a month, she remembers and speaks about him.

That evening, it rain for a while and stopped. The weather was perfect to enjoy a cup of tea with my kid’s sweet little things. So I rushed to kitchen. When I came back with my Tea, I saw my daughter standing on her small chair and watching the beautiful reddish twilight hue. The scene I saw was just perfect to be captured both in camera and in memories.

I stood beside her and asked what is she doing, she said she is looking out the sunlight which has the similar color as her uncle’s car. After that… I enjoyed my cup of tea with stories about the games she played before or will play next time her uncle comes.

This card is dedicated to her uncle, this way I want to gift him that special piece of memory.

Here is the picture tutorial to make this Pressed flower art greeting card. - Pressed Flower Art Tutorial

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