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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Art

Lakshmi Kadam

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blessing - Wall hanging.

There is nothing special in this wall hanging, but like every other time, there was a feeling of satisfaction after creating this, something similar to the feeling of taking out your cake from oven, smelling the freshness of cleaned house or to see the first flower in the plant you water every day.

Creating something gives satisfaction. Isn’t it?

It is made with paper mache. The colors used are water color. About painting, I don’t feel comfortable about mixing the colors or shading, I like clear boundaries of colors. But in this, the mixed colors can be seen easily, and all the credit goes to my 3 years old girl, I used her water color set where she dips her brush in different colors one after the other, so all the colors are mixed together and gives a new shade. The text written in Chinese means “Blessing”, but I am sorry for the mistakes, because it’s a blind copy :)

Tutorial can be found here.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Missing You

Few days before one of our family friend visited us, just in 2 days he became a very good friend of my 3 year old daughter. Even after a month, she remembers and speaks about him.

That evening, it rain for a while and stopped. The weather was perfect to enjoy a cup of tea with my kid’s sweet little things. So I rushed to kitchen. When I came back with my Tea, I saw my daughter standing on her small chair and watching the beautiful reddish twilight hue. The scene I saw was just perfect to be captured both in camera and in memories.

I stood beside her and asked what is she doing, she said she is looking out the sunlight which has the similar color as her uncle’s car. After that… I enjoyed my cup of tea with stories about the games she played before or will play next time her uncle comes.

This card is dedicated to her uncle, this way I want to gift him that special piece of memory.

Here is the picture tutorial to make this Pressed flower art greeting card. - Pressed Flower Art Tutorial