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Friday, December 19, 2014

Clay Dolls

My daughter always wanted to have a family of dolls, Papa doll, mamma doll and baby doll, we could get mamma and baby doll for her, but Boy doll is only available in a marriage doll set (ie, Bride – Groom doll set) which she never liked. Another problem was the size, every time she used to explain so cutely with her small hands that she wants a big doll for Papa, then medium height doll for mamma and small doll for baby, and yes, they all should look alike, so with all such terms and conditions we could never make a family of dolls for her.
You know, how it feels when we could not fulfill such cute but difficult requests.
So this Christmas, I decided to create a  family doll set for her, first I tried creating a Santa Claus doll, and then created a family of dolls. I have not gifted her yet. I am just having my fingers crossed that she likes it.

Here is the doll tutorial. – Clay Doll Tutorial


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mural Art - Ganesha on leaf

Murals… There is nothing like the joy you get while making a mural, discovering something new every time you create one. Finding out all the little tricks that improves your artwork. I had created one before and still in process of learning new techniques. There is an absolute wealth of information available all around, but reading more and more would only fill you with the anxiety of failure. But I believe that something done for enjoyment should not be tainted by any fear. Like any other art, this too takes a huge amount of practice, commitment and patience, accompanied by a substantial amount of trial and errors. Which can be frustrating at times but can also be rewarding. So go ahead and try one, you will surely fall in love with this art.

Here is the procedure I followed -

Materials Required - Shilpkar clay, MDF, primer, sand, glue, POP, colors and Varnish

Steps -

1. Sketch your design on the ply or MDF.
2. Apply a thin coat of POP and Fevicol mixture on the base and make texture of your choice, I made the texture with finger.
3. With the same POP and Fevicol mix, stick the sand on the areas required.
4. Made the shapes like leaf, diya and ganesha with M-Seal clay (Shilpkar), any other clay or ready moulds can also be used.
5. Let it dry completely.
6. Apply a coat of wood primer (optional).
7. Once dry, color your mural all over with black. And let dry.
8. Apply other colors.
9. At last, apply a coat of clear varnish.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Newspaper Clay – Decorative Plate

My new paper clay art, I planned to complete this before Diwali, and use it as Pooja Thali, but I couldn’t finish it on time.  So now, I am planning to hang it on my Pooja room Wall. Between the “Shubh Labh” I had created before.

Here are the quick procedure steps (Check the links for more details)–
1. Prepare your shape with “Newspaper clay”.
2. Once the shape is completely dry, draw your design.

3. Do the “Cone work” wherever required. Let it dry.

4. Color everything with black.
5. Highlight the cone work design with other colors.
6. Apply a coat of varnish.

Hope you will like it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mural Art - 3D Ceramic Painting

Sometimes back I discovered a new art, “3D ceramic paintings and Murals” and it took me months to research and learn this art because no information is available on internet about this, and luckily I got a friend cum guide who gave me guidelines for creating this. After a long wait, I tried it – Here is my first 3D ceramic painting.
I tried coloring Ganapati face like an idol, with Chandan Tilak, and Gold ear ring. Flowers are Blue(Pearl color).
Here is the procedure I followed –

Material Required – Wood or MDF, POP, Fevicol, Acrylic colors.
Steps followed –
1. Cut wood / MDF in desired shape. And draw your design on it.
2. Make dough by mixing POP and Fevicol.
3. Prepare shapes as per your design.
4. Let the shapes dry for a day or two.
5. Prepare a paste of POP and fevicol and apply all over the base. Stick your shapes as per design. Create the texture desired.
6. Let it dry for a day or two.
7. Once dry, color with acrylic colors.
Note: Varnish can be applied as protective coating.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plastic Bottle – Mini Basket

“Gifts” are wonderful things. Isn’t it? Both the persons become happy. Return gift of gifting your loved one is viewing the mild facial expression changes - while receiving the gift, opening the wrapping paper and the happiness after watching the gift. But what makes it more special is “how” you are giving the gift.
Some days back my best friend visited my house and I brought a small gift for her. It was nicely packed but handing over that small box was not doing well, so I thought of creating this small basket. I am happy that she liked everything, first the basket, then the gift packing and lastly the gift – small box of Anklets.

The only effort to make this basket was cutting the moisturizing lotion bottle. Here is the procedure.

Material Required – Plastic Bottle (I used body lotion bottle), pencil knife, sketch pen (any pen that writes on bottle, with washable ink)

Procedure –
With sketch pen, mark a basket design with handles of your choice.
Cut the basket.

Now draw the other details for basket, like I made squares, you can choose diamonds or anything. Avoid circles because they are difficult to cut.
Cut out the small squares.

Wash the basket to remove the sketch ink marks (optional).

Here is the basket ready.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Plastic Bottle - Lamp Shade

That night, I was sitting in porch, enjoying the heavy rain and the feeling of moist cool breeze. Because of power outage, it was dark all around. My husband and daughter were playing with the candle and shadows, by putting various objects in front of candle and changing the shape and size of shadow by moving the candle and object. It made me think about the beauty of lights and shadows. And, this is how the idea of this lamp shade was born.
When I saw the light from this lampshade, it felt like I have made a Rangoli of light. And I was satisfied with my idea and execution.

For those who want to try. Here is the procedure.

Material Required – Plastic Bottle (Any thick bottle), pencil knife, cardboard, sketch pen (any pen that writes on bottle, with washable ink), scissor

Procedure –
Make a flower or any design of your choice, on the card board. Cut the design.  (As Above)

Using this cut out, draw the design on the bottle. All the flowers should be connected together.

Start cutting the outer part (everything except flowers)

Cut the top and bottom portion of the bottle, to make hollow.

I made a mistake that I cut only the top portion and made it like cup, and when I lit candle inside, it got deformed because of heat :(  so you please cut both Top and Bottom portion of the bottle.
Once all cutting is done, wash your bottle with soapy water to remove the pen ink (Optional)

Here is the lampshade ready to light you home and delight your heart.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shubh - Labh

Its “Diwali” time in India. Families are upbeat for Diwali preparation and you can feel the festivities in the air, my eyes got a crafty treat during my last shopping, beautiful lanterns, Diyas, Rangoli, Gift boxes, Pooja items excreta excreta… At this time and after seeing all such things, who can stay away from creating something new, so this is what I have created this time.

“Shubh – Labh” written in “Hindi”, are actually two sons of Lord Ganesha. They mean “Good Luck and Prosperity”. So we write “Shubh - Labh” at the entrance of house to welcome Good luck and Prosperity.

The base is made with paper mache clay and after painting with acrylic colors, I did some cone work for embossed "Shubh labh" and design part - get the clay tutorial here. Cone work tutorial can be find here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monster - Keychain cum Earphone Holder

Felt papers… so colorful and attractive. This time I started with a plan of making a cute little monster. However, I have a loose working style in everything I do, which changes my plan frequently, either I stumble across ideas or there are happy accidents, and I always found them as valuable part of my artistic endeavor.
So on a beautiful morning when I was working on my monster, I saw my husband struggling to solve his tangled wires of laptop, earphone and mouse. You know how did my creative brain function differently for this different input – it gave an idea to create a “Keychain cum Earphone Holder” and I executed the same.
Surely the product does not suit my husband so I took it and my husband just got a “Thanks” for giving me an inspiration.

Here is the tutorial for creating a felt monster or “Monster - Keychain cum earphone holder Totorial”.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Plastic Bottle – Table decor

We have lots many types of plastic bottles around us, we use them and throw, every time I buy a distilled  water bottle I get attracted towards the look, shape and beautiful swirls on it. I always wanted to use them for my craft, so I created this. I think this is the easiest craft ever that can be made with a plastic bottle. Attaching all required details in pictures. 

To add a glow effect, I wanted to put a small LED light inside the flower, but couldn't the light :(
Still, i liked this.

Here are the steps - how i created this.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Plastic Bottle Doll – Bharat Natyam

This plastic bottle doll (glue bottle) is covered with tissue paper and colored with Acrylic colors. Its so simple, as it appears. Lastly my daughters happiness completes its success.
I am travelling since long and really not getting any time for my blog. Even this post is a quick work. Let’s see if you like it.
Due t0 the shortage of time I just created a collage of the making steps. Here are the pictures below.