Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recycled Denim - Dice Poof

I had few old denims and pillows, that were not used anymore, so thought of recycling the denim and pillow cotton and creating this Dice poof. 

Here are the steps to create this poof –

1. Take 3 denim, measure 18 inches from the bottom, and cut the leg section. By this you will get 6 leg sections.

2. Open the parallel stitching which joins the denim. Ensure that you open parallel stitching and not the single stitching line. By this you will get 6 square shape denims.

3.  As the leg section goes narrow at the bottom, these squares are not uniform (having equal sides). So mark the pieces and cut off 6 uniform squares (each 17”x 17”)

4. Now we will join 4 squares together to make a rectangle of 17”x 68” inches. Let’s keep the original parallel stitching of one square outside and the cut section inside while stitching. This was the hand stitching will not appear outside. Similarly join 4 squares together with each parallel stitch side + cut side.

5. Cut 21 circles of any cloth that matches the denim color you use. And stitch the circles to each square as in dice.

6. Once all the circles are stitched on the squares, stitch the two open 17” sides of the (17”x68”) rectangle to make a hollow cube. Then stitch a 17”x17” square at the bottom of the cube.

7. Fill the dice box with cotton or sponge and stitch the remaining 17”x17” square at the top of the cube. I used the cotton of some of my old pillows and some old soft cloths as stuffing.


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