Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fisherman - Pressed Flower Art

In the rains that I first saw in my life
I set afloat a paper boat in playful mood
Don’t know in which river that water flowed into
Don’t know in which sea it has got lost in
Oh Fisherman…. Have you seen it?
The paper boat of my childhood days….
My first drawing book that I had got as a kid
The first poem that I had written
All those thousands of dreams that I had in my childhood days
Don’t know in which sea they have got lost in
On a sun-burnt evening
In the red waters of the Sea
There it goes filled with all my dreams
My paper boat....

Detailed information on creating any pressed flower are craft can be found at page 'How to create Pressed flower art.'
This paper can be used for writing any special letter, can be framed as a wall hanging or personalized cards can be created.

Poem Source - The Bong Connection


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