Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paper Decoration

At the time of my daughter’s first birthday, we wanted to have a simple and meaningful party. The thought was to have it like a “celebration” instead of having it as a “party”. We started planning so early and decided to bring all the things she enjoys in one place. We created everything that she loves to watch but gets very few occasions for it, like rainbow, butterflies etc and decorated the walls of the room. Next morning when she awakes… her joyful expressions and the excitement towards the decoration… made it a perfect start of celebration. She also enjoyed tearing off the decoration from the wall :)
In her 2nd birthday, we followed the tradition and created flowers, butterflies, birds, Sun and her favorite cartoon characters Dora, Boots and Doraemon.
Here are some pictures of the decoration.
These handmade party decorations are unique and inexpensive. After all, parties are meant to be fun. And this way we all (parents and baby) enjoyed the birthday for 2 weeks, we enjoyed creating these decorations, watching the baby’s reaction on the final decoration and the watching her tearing it off. :)



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