Friday, September 27, 2013

Dry Rice Stem Flower Pot

I am quite recycle crazy at times and try to make things from some crazy materials! I can never bring myself to throw away the plastic container which are so popular food packaging material. To make this craft I used a plastic container, white glue and the dry rice stem that I got inside the box of my alphonso mango. I know that it sounds so crazy that I stored those dry rice stems from April to September :)

You just need to glue the container and wrap the stem around it. Its real tough to stick the stem to the container, because it does not stick easily. I had to hold is tight until the glue gets dry. Alternatively I wrapped my container (covered with rice stem) with a crepe bandage to keep it tight.

If I kept it on the table than my daughter would have removed all rice stems one by one, so i thought of hanging it.


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